Freelance Developer and Remote Project Development

You don’t always need to recruit someone to get things done nor do you need to provide an office environment. When it comes to developing software projects these requirements are completely unnecessary. And this is were remote development with a freelance developer comes into play.

Managing, executing, and completing software projects remotely is much easier compared to other fields of work. Finding the right talent with adequate experience, making the deal, following through with that deal, and completing the project in line with requirements are some things to take into consideration. Finding the right talent a little familiar with the remote work concept, make the deal, follow up the development and receive the project as it has described are considerations. These are issues we will touch on later. For now, let’s focus on how you can prepare your project for an ideal freelance experience.

Compile your idea:Have a clear idea of the work you want done. Your idea may be very broad and involve many details as wall as visions of grandeur for the future. However, before you make a contract with a freelance developer you need to focus on your expectations. Don’t forget, a project consists of its scope, its budget, and its start and end date.

Create your project requirements: Detail your project as much as you can. What features you will need for your web site, what you’d like to control on your admin panel, how content will be displayed on your mobile app, what form of payment you’d like to accept etc. If you are a tech savvy person, you can choose your preferred coding languages and frameworks. It is also important to decide whether you expect the design to be provided by the developer or by a designer of your choice. (Some of the software developers may have design skills but it’s best not to forget  that a developer is not a designer).

Write them down or prepare a presentation. Doesn’t be flashy, but include all requirements for your project. Sufficient information is fundamental to successful collaboration.

Define your development budget and deadline: Most freelance developer work with man/hour or man/day rates. They analyse your project, predict how long it will take, and then calculate the final project price. The customer’s budget, however, is also part of reality. If development costs and your budget don’t match, you can postpone the development of some features development for a future release or work with someone less experienced (lower rates – longer time). You are the one can make the best decision based on your priorities; budget or time.

Now we return to the point we mentioned above. You are ready to find a remote freelance developer for your project.

It is free to sign-up, post a project, receive bids, use project management tools and get contract services with talented freelance developers on Devlynk. Just post your project and wait for a while for bids. Choose and approve the right bid for your project, smile, rest back and let your developer code your project. Test your project while it is being coded. As soon as it completes, make your final tests and approve. Until you approve your payment will be in the Devlynk Escrow service.

Enjoy accomplishing your project.